This poem was inspired by the desire to express “Unconditional Love”. Many times in our relationships we talk “at” each other and not “to” each other. There may be another conversation going in in our hearts. I believe we would no longer waste time if we knew that this was our last day on this earth..we would speak the truth to each other..What would you say?..What would you do?…How would you pray?


If this were my last day
What would I say?
What would I do?
How would I pray?

I would say that I love you
I would make that last call
I would embrace all the memories
Of having known you at all

I would say you have helped me
To heal from my soul
That you captured my heart
Helped my fears to unfold

If this were my last day
What would I say?
What would I do?
How would I pray?

I would tell you the truth
Some things you’ve not heard
Left with no unanswered questions
My actions speak louder than words

Wanda Gaskins Copyright 2011

“The path to a “New” love is through “True Love”..Imitations just won’t do”… Firestarter
Quote inspired by the book “Real Love” by Greg Braden



To my true self
unfolding right before my eyes
having followed the calling that once
was a small wisper in the depths of my heart
to see myself reflected in a mirror
is not who I am inside..I’m more than I am.

“Holding back…”
Unsure of the world accepting
what’s about to unfold, it feels cold
outside of myself
I cling to faith, hope and unconditional love
given to me only by grace and not by man
who does not see the real me..I’m more than I am

“Breaking free..”
Being bound by insecurities
is not part of the gift, which is given freely
unique to me, like a finger print
with it’s own identity
a mark must be made, a space in time is waiting
a space just for me that reveals..I’m more than I am

From what was holding me back
it was lack, of a special word that
was left for my eyes to drink upon
Spirit knew I would be searching
for truth, revelation, justification
coming full circle, looking at the mirror again
I see now…I’m more than I am

Copyright © 2005 by Wanda Gaskins

NOTE: You are invited to enjoy my first You Tube video version of “Awakening”..click on the following link:

There are times where I need to stop “Doing” and enjoy “Being”…Self-Retreats help to bring things back into perspective…

I recently enjoyed a visit to “The Well Of Mercy”.www.wellofmercy.org. It was absolutely, magnificently, and refreshingly rejuvenating.

It reminded me of a time when I could only dream of taking “Self-Retreats”, and now I’ve found a place near by to help keep me in balance. I wrote this poem a few years ago, that I feel expresses what I believe many of us need for healing:


It’s Time…
To set aside the distractions of the world
Reschedule appointments
To get refilled with the annointment

It’s Time…
To shut down the flow of thoughts
In my mind always racing
Forcing me to feel overwhelmed
Daily by the things I’m facing

It’s Time…
To disconnect for a while
From others, even those I love
I need to reconnect spiritually
To my Father, My guide from above

It’s Time…
Oh how refreshing the connection is
Like oxygen to my soul
Being filled with a new blessing
Gently washing away the old

It’s Time…
For quiet meditation
Reflection from within
On how I can get restarted
On how I can begin again

It’s Time…
My rejuvenation beams
My eyes no longer hazey
My spirit shouts and sings

It’s Time…
To embrace a brand new day
And get back into the flow
Never forgetting within myself
When it’s time again I’ll know

Copyright © 2005 by Wanda Gaskins

A letter to Spirit
Wading into the depths of who I Am

Dear Spirit:
Why am I always at the edge financially?  It feels like a rollercoaster
ride at times where I never seem to have enough to cover my expenses.
I have felt this most of my adult life. I know that financial resources are
abundantly available to me through the gifts that you have placed within
me. Why am I always on the edge?’
Spirit: “You are afraid to go deeper..You are afraid you will drown”
Remember that time when you were a young girl at the beach
With your family and you and your sister went into the water.
You waded into the water side-ways pushing her in an inner tube. The water became deeper and deeper, suddenly you no longer felt the support of the sand beneath your feet. A silent panic came over you, but you remained calm and was able to wade back to shore with your sister safely

Me: Yes, I remember this now, I also recall that I did not share with anyone what had occurred..I don’t like the feeling of “deep” water. The
panic feeling was intense. I’m afraid I only like walking in shallow water…
As I have allowed myself to go deeper in my spiritual walk, I find myself
excited about the awakening process, I’m excited about discovering my gifts however, a part of me suddenly realizes that I must continue to go deeper to benefit from the abundance that the expression of my gifts can provide, yet, that same part of me retreats back to the “edge”(the shore of my life) back to the shallow water(to the shallowness) and showing up in a
big way in my finances.

Dear Spirit, what must I do?

Spirit: First, “BE” with this understanding of your fear of going deeper
Secondly, plan to go swimming again and practice moving around
In the deep..visualize before hand that as you do this, you are
Supported by Me in everything that you do!
Finally, know that the healing has begun. It’s ok to expand and go deeper through the expression of your gifts(writing, creating candles and afghans, massage therapy, working with the Angels, guided imagery).  Many are waiting to be blessed, to see an example of moving out of “shallowness”, to be released into their calling so they too can enjoy the beauty and miracles available to them as they also expand in their expression. They too will see others watch them awaken to their true selves.   You see, dear one, My love is designed to “flow” through all of you, causing a continuum of healing and joy as you all awaken. Being comfortable in the “shallowness” is not the plan. It’s the process of going into the deep where the miracles are waiting for each of you.’

I support you all in your uniqueness. You are reminded of this in many ways through many teachers around you and many life lessons you have experienced.

Don’t be afraid to wade into the depths of who you are.

A Poem For Reflection:

“Wading into the depths of who I am”

In my life I have stood at the shores  of my soul

As I watched the waves of life move toward me

I’ve taken small steps forward, trusting that the ground beneath

would support me, support all my fears, doubts and insecurities.

As I’ve attempted to move forward I recognize the gentle

Nudging of the waters, the living energy of life surrounding

Me, prompting me to come further in.

But once I no longer felt the sandy ground beneath me, I would fall back with uncertainty.  Even still, my desire to expand beyond the shore keeps calling me to go deeper.

As I step forward, I come to realize that I am supported by the waves of life, especially when I take deep breaths and affirm that I am supported by the energy of faith and that the uncertainty is actually a motivating force designed to catapult me into my opulent life.

I then realize, that I must go deeper. I must wade into the depths of who I am.

Copyright © 2011 by Wanda Gaskins


Well..it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  So I felt it was long overdue.

So what’s been going on?…Well, I’ve been attending a “Spiritual Retreat”.  It’s a year long journey that I embark on with 10 other people.  We started back in April and now we are in our 7th month.  The retreat is being facilitated by a phenomenal Spiritual Leader ..Reverend Christy Snow Co-Pastor of the Spiritual Living Center her in Charlotte, NC.

The journey is called “Living in Solution”.  I continue to do my journaling and daily reflection.  So lately, I’ve been concentrating on my feeling “Connected” to GOD.  Or in other words, REMEMBERING that I am never disconnected.

Here’s a writing that came to me the other day.  I am using this over the next 30 days a couple times a day to move into the “feeling” and “remembering” state of mind.  I’m also journaling what happens on a daily basis as a result.

I call this a Meditative Affirmative Prayer …Hope you enjoy!


I enjoy the feeling of abundance.  I feel freedom, relief, and flexibility.

I enjoy the ability to easily support myself and my family.

I enjoy the freedom to tithe my time, talent, and treasure.

I enjoy making deposits into my multiple savings accounts


Creative ideas flow with ease and delivers to me blessings in the form

Of money, favor, grace, and ease.


I accept who I am and how I express myself

I allow myself to experience consistent abundance

I am grateful to feel confident, certain, and strong

as I trust GOD AS MY SOURCE.


As my questions and inquiries are answered, I take action.

I enjoy living a full life EVERY DAY.

I examine my beliefs and release those that negate good from

manifesting in my life


I intentionally practice “Sacred Moments” that help to expand

my awareness that GOD IS MY SOURCE

I invite GOD’s spirit to awaken in me and shine a light on areas that are

Barren and need to be pruned and reseeded with GOD’s thoughts


I give thanks in every moment for the presence and favor of GOD

I accept that I am another testimony of success as a believer of GOD

I expect every moment to be a manifesting moment


I record and review my life journey so that I can reflect on the awesome

Demonstrations of successful living


I acknowledge you in every present moment

I accept your guidance in all things

As abundance flows from YOU to me I choose to release any and all


There are many channels of abundance from YOU that manifest

through me.

You consistently reveal your support for me in every moment

Thank you GOD for being ever present

standing by as I fully awaken!!

Patience is a virtue!

Sometimes easily said than done.  There are times where I just have to stop everything and slow down.  Take time to reflect, meditate, and pray. Remove myself from the activity of doing and just “BE”.

What helps me is to remember what’s important to me.  For me feeling the closeness of God’s Spirit in my day to day.  Living in a balanced way by being present in every moment, every conversation, every action that I take.  For example, when I work on my clients(massage).   I greet them, read their intake chart, listen to what they are saying to me about how they are physically feeling.  The most important info that I get is once I start laying hands on them, their body tells the true story.

I listen with my eyes, ears, heart and hands.  I have to exercise patience and be completely present.  In this moment, I also ask God to guide and direct me in the session as I knead the muscles and work out the knots. Does this happen every time?.  Sometimes not,  if I have not spent time getting in a patient and focused state of  mind prior to my sessions starting for the day.

So I try to apply this same principle in greeting my day when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day.  Listening with my eyes, ears, and my heart.  Here’s a poem I wrote years ago, at a time when I was learning how to exercise patience.  I hope you enjoy it!


I’m anxious Dear Lord, to be out from the snare

“Be anxious for nothing, just keep it in prayer”

I wait on you Lord to show me your will
“Just watch for my signal, Until then just be still”

The weight of the world presses down on me
“The weight of the world isn’t bigger than ME”
I know you are there to hear my prayer
“Yes I can hear you, I am fully aware”

I’m stopping right now, dead in my tracks
“Turn away from the world child, stay calm and relax”
I wait on you Lord to give me your will
“Just watch for my signal, Until then just be still”

I’m cutting out of my schedule those things that distract
“Now open up my word, study and reflect”
Peace comes with silence, peace comes with a price
“Peace comes when you realize what’s wrong and what’s right”

You keep me in perfect peace when my mind stays on you
“My promise you can depend on, I designed it for you”
I’m still waiting Oh Lord, please show me your will
“Your patience will be rewarded, Until then just be still”

Thank you for being my friend, my comforter, my vine
“Your life I planted from a perfect design”
I stop, I wait, I watch, and I pray
“You’ve done well my child, your blessing is on the way”

Copyright © 2003 by Wanda Gaskins

Ok..so some might say “What’s the difference?”.

Well, lately I find myself reflecting on what “Trusting” versus “Knowing” means to me.  For me, when I say “Trusting”, there’s a feeling of Hope connected to it.  I’m not saying anything is wrong with Hoping, I just noticed what it feels like for me when I say the word Hope.  There is a sense of uncertainty that I feel.

However, when I say the word “Knowing”, like..”I know that I’m supported by Spirit” or “I know that my life adds value in this present time”, I feel more sure and confident.  Going through this exercise has me really thinking about what I speak to myself and the vibrational belief associated with EVERY SINGLE WORD!

Why is it that I take no second thought to things like waking up the next morning, putting the key in the car ignition and it turning over, or even flipping the light switch and expect the lights to turn on.  This may seem trivial, but I flow in knowing that these seemingly simple things will result in a positive outcome.  I don’t spend time being in any kind of anxious thought about it because  I automatically flow in “Knowing”.

Well then, I want to have that same energy with other aspects of my life.  I want the word “Trust” to feel the same as “Knowing”. So now, I am practicing that when I say or think the word “Trust”, I visualize turning whatever the situation is over to GOD because I “KNOW” with confidence that I am moving in the right direction with whatever is going on in my life.

So, I’m choosing daily to start my day off with a big plate of “KNOWING”…enjoying this clip from Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“KNOWING THE MAGIC OF PROSPERITY” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3MBOZS4bok